Checklist Name Download list
Benthic foraminifera of Laucala Bay, Suva, Fiji Click here
Checklist of the Vanuatu National Herbarium (PVNH) Click here
Liste des taxons évalués RLA Flore NC Click here

How to open downloaded files in Excel

  1. After downloading you will get a zip file with a name beginning with “dwca”. To extract right click on the file and select extract all


  2. Select the location where the files will be extracted and press next.


  3. A new window will appear with the files. The file you will focus on is called “taxon”


  4. To open the “taxon” file into an excel file please follow the following steps.

    If you are using Excel on a Windows

    1. Open Excel

    2. Create a new empty spreadsheet (File → New)

    3. Click the Data tab

    4. From “Get External Data”, click From text

    5. Select the extracted txt file (e.g. taxon.txt)

    6. Click Import

    7. Select “Delimited” as Data Type and “Unicode (UTF-8)” as File Origin

    8. Click Finish

    9. Click OK to import data into current sheet


    10. Open “taxon” text file
    11. Select all contents (Ctrl + A) and Copy (Ctrl + C)
    12. Open Excel
    13. Paste (Ctrl + V)

    If you are using Excel on a Mac

    1. Open Excel

    2. Create a new empty spreadsheet (File → New)

    3. Import text file (Data → Get Data → From File → From Text/CSV)

    4. Select the extracted text file (e.g. taxon.txt)

    5. Select “Tab” as Delimiter and “Unicode (UTF-8)” as File Origin

    6. Click Load